Welcome to web-pages of Amateur Radio Station OH6V - Radio Team Vainionpää.

OH6V is a "family callsign" of our family, used in our home/remote-station and different kind of activations.
Callsign is activated by OH6PV Petteri, OH6EZU Suvi and some times by our son Oskari as second operator.

In addition to amateur radio activities, we also do some AM/FM radio broadcasts at Scandinavian Weekend Radio.

Our city-station is located in city of Vaasa, west-coast Finland. In locator square KP03UB.
Our countryside station is located in Vähäkyrö, west-coast Finland. In locator quare KP13BA.

We are mostly active on digital modes from home QTH because of high QRM levels in urban neighbour.

On summertimes we do often trips to different nature-areas and activate Flora&Fauna parks on SSB.

We are also often active from Vähäkyrö, KP02OK, from our summerhouse cottage.
Our summerhouse station is also remotely accessed by us for SSB QSOs.

Contact? Send email to qsl [at] oh6v.fi or send message via our Facebook-site.


My name is Petteri, Peter on radio. I have been active with radios since early 1995 when I got an old CB-radio and antenna from my father. I got my first amateur-licence in year 2005 and upgraded to full-class CEPT-licence in year 2006.My top intrests in this hobby is to build different kind of projects and low-cost antennas, HF SSB- and Digimodes, utility listening and APRS. Some times you can even find me doing some rag chewing on 80m or 2m and DMR.

Is it a hobby? No, it's a lifestyle.



My name is Suvi. My first touch with radios was the CB-radio in our summerhouse when i was a child, I only used it couple of times.  After I met my husband Petteri in 2004, I got to realize that radios and all that surrounds them can be a hobby, and a lifestyle. 2006 I passed one section of the amateur-licence, but wasn't so activated until 2017 when I passed the second section and got my own callsign. My main interests is different kind of activations from family trips, camps, and from our summerhouse. I "usually" let Petteri do most of the antenna building etc. since I'm not as technically talented, but help with what I can.